Ricky Simpson launched the brand Physical Novel which was born out of the energy, characteristic and attitude of the Techno nightlife scene.

Taking a seasonal approach, in keeping with the growing theme of sustainability, a new concept deriving from extensive travels in Asia and the spirituality that is becoming ever more popular, has allowed Physical Novel to evolve for Summer 2018.

The new collection entitled “Mantra” encompasses its origin from the traditional spiritual roots which cannot be ignored in every day life in Asia. The belief of power, nobility, vulnerability and a positive mind are prominent throughout the collection with the use of colour, themes and patterns.

Mantra by Physical Novel is a collection of conceptual pieces made with ecological fabrics, with a strong focus on environmental sustainability, paying careful attention to the composition of each piece.

Ricky quotes that “this collection allowed him to craft positive products”, by sourcing organic fabrics within the UK it has allowed me to minimise the eco-footprint of each hand made unique garment”.

Handmade in his East London studio by Ricky personally alongside his team.
Mantra is a made to order collection, focusing on personality and mindful living.