Ricky Simpson launched the brand Physical Novel which was born out of the energy, characteristic and attitude of the Techno nightlife scene.

Taking a seasonal approach, in keeping with the growing consciousness of sustainability has allowed Physical Novel to evolve for Summer 2019.

Disconnect Reconnect is a collection inspired by the dark shadows placed on the minds of humans; the clothing items priorities the disconnection people feel in our society as technology develops. However, despite the connection we feel thanks to technology, our society is only getting further and further away from one another. We have lost communication, only checking up on people through social media by ‘liking’, ‘commenting’. There are over 3.04 billion active social media users’ in the world with most of the users being under the age of 35. The reconnection aspect of the collection tells a story about how one can reconnect with their loved ones and nature with communication. Reconnection is about breaking out of societies dark boundaries and evolving as a stronger, better person.

This is where Physical Novel is different. Materials and dyes used in the collection are from natural resources and made with mother nature in mind.

U1 is a handmade collection made from military surplus, each garment is unique and individual. Our world needs our help right now—95% of plastic is used only once however plastic takes up to 400+ years to decompose. That means we still have the plastic from the very day and year they were discovered—From the very first plastic to have entered our system to plastic water bottles in your local corner stores, our world is congested with plastic. In the fashion industry, fast fashion is using 900 gallons of water simply to make one pair of jeans—just one, think about the stacks of jeans you see in a store and the amount of water used to make them and then contemplate about those who are unable to have water, the very people who make your clothing who have been resorting to dirty water or none at all in your clothing items stead. Fast fashion thrives on low quality products with outsourced production, new products being released multiple times a week as well as a ‘throw away’ consumer mentality in order to stay on trend. This is where U1 and Physical Novel is different, we strive to be as sustainable as possible and we urge you all to do the same.