About us

A conceptual dark Avant-garde streetwear clothing brand founded in the UK, a natural evolution, a path on life, influenced by the underground techno scene. Reflecting a time of discovery of a dark sub-culture, a post-apocalyptic, parallel world interspersed with elements of the matrix, where every weekend people all over the globe would descend to a “techno temple” dressed in dark tones of gothic futuristic garments soiled with memories Of 24 hour techno raves in grimy warehouses and concrete jungles.

Offering hints of futurist clean lines and fabrics reflecting the environment of urbanized architecture, the de-structured unfinished look of Physical Novel’s aesthetic represents an antidote to the modern day, clean cut uniformity, anti “shoes & shirt dress code”

Bringing a relaxed vibe to this day to evening wear attire; loose, long fitting t-shirts, vests and hooded sweaters, baggy low crotch trousers and shorts and originating from a product design ethos, the garments are ergonomically designed with comfort and movement at the forefront, giving an equal balance of form and function. Each collection changes according to the designers self-evolving aesthetic.

Physical Novel has now achieved worldwide appeal and is supplied to all corners of the globe. Despite this the brand maintains its exacting standards; every garment is hand finished and constructed to the highest-level quality. Every item receives the designer’s own special attention to detail.

All garments are hand made from high quality materials sourced in the UK, which are designed and produced in limited numbers to maintain exclusivity.